Sunny-side-up on a render-vous of salt´n´pepper
Wrap Your Arms Around Me, tortilla filled with beetroat, chickpeas, onion, carrots and cumin. 
Fruit del Montes, fruitsallad with peaches, grapes and plums. 
Pale Fresh, cold salad with fennel, red onion, apple, sprinkled with olive oil. 
Figaro´s mix, fruitsalld with figs, watermelon, kiwi, peach and cream
Halloumy hiding, halloumy cheese on a bed of garlic-boiled beetroat and parsley 
Shy Scared Chocolate, chocolate mousse in a skimmed cream cloud
Nordic Tender, thick curdled milk with cinnamon and ginger. 
Emipre, 8-floor sandwich with cheddar cheese, tomato, red onion and ruccola
Pasta Casanova, spaghetti with tomato and garlic sauce

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