My artistic oeuvre can be described as abstract, thunderous landscapes with installations, political contemporary art mixed with nature mystique. I work with objects close to me to affect and question the viewer.
The project Nordess about women in the Nordic countries where I together with photographer Patricia Rodas from Finland have visited northern Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and portrayed women in landscapes, the photos have been exhibited around the Nordic countries. Read more
The project Tvättlina - en vänlig gest (Washing Line - a friendly gesture) is a social project which I work with in collaboration with artist Heidi Lunabba, Finland. The project is connected to Pride Festivals around the Nordic Countries. Everyone who wants to show their support for human equality are invited to hang washing in the colors of the rainbow and then photograph it and tag it #tvattlina. You can read more on
God Love Pride, a project about LGBTQ- persons who have grown up or have a background in a religious community. Many have a hard time coming out in a often closed world where their sexuality or being is connected to guilt and shame. The photos from the project can be found on me website and the project God Love Pride.
On Northern Routes - during 2018 I am partaking in an artist group from Lettland, Latvia, Finland, Denmark and Sweden. My part in the project is called Folktro: fairy tales, sayings, landscape, nature, history and present. With the help of photography I will visit my home county Dalarna, Sweden to realise stories I have heard as a child and combine them with mystical landscape photographies with elements of the contemporary. Nature and landscape will be important parts of the photos. Read more about the project here

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